Sunday, May 16, 2010

"It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse."

Which is why I'm buying some fabulous jodphurs and a ruffled ascot, because I HAVE FOLLOWERS! Hello! So to you loyal 6, I say thank you. And, Tally Ho!

On to the point of blog #3. We did our first recording session for the new album a few days ago. I am so thrilled, and so fortunate, to have such superb musicians on board. During the solos I just wanted to roll around squealing on the floor. We all are working a lot, which is great, but leaves small and only occasional windows during which everybody can gather to record. So it will be piecemeal, but we are on our way with some delicious stuff in the can. My good and faithful followers will be the first to know when songs are available for download. Also when our e-store is up and running. We plan to have a full album ready for release by the end of the Summer. And, stay tuned for new photos to be soon gracing the 'Promo' Gallery here on

The above quote is from Adlai Stevenson, by the way. Who may or may not have rocked an ascot.

Until next time, wield your riding crop with a kind hand. And watch out for that low-hanging branch.

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  1. diggin the blog, baby. but definitely not rockin an ascot as i dig. go bullet!