Monday, April 25, 2011

Whirlwind weekend report

Hello Darlings,

Monday morning finds me back home to report on a fabulous on-the-road weekend of work and play.  Aren't they the same thing when you love your job?  I'm looking forward to more travel to promote my new album, The Julie London Songbook, which has JUST been released to all the download services.  Now on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc., you can download the complete album or single tunes.

Friday I played an intimate, high-end corporate event in Dallas, Texas.  In the gorgeous suburb of Southlake, technically.  Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe was hosting a private tasting of his latest vintage of Doubleback wine.  He and his guests were so very gracious and friendly and I very much enjoyed playing for them.  Among the songs I performed were The Nearness of You, Don't Explain, Guilty, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  I love Texas and the people of Texas, and would have loved to linger, but straight from the event I hopped in a cab to the airport and flew to...

San Francisco, maybe the most charming of all the US metropolises.  I was fortunate enough to attend and "work" the Braves-Giants game at AT&T Park on saturday as a guest of Fox Sports.  I put work in quotations because my assigned job could hardly be considered as such by such a baseball fan.  I assisted (minimally, really) commentators Josh Lewin and Eric Karros, who were calling the national Fox TV broadcast of the game.  Otherwise I was toured around the ballpark, given special access to the field and dugout during pregame and batting practice, all the media booths, and the players clubhouse.  This was all very exciting for me, a long time Braves fan.  I met and chatted with second-generation Braves broadcaster Chip Caray.  His father, Skip Caray, was my all-time favorite Braves announcer, and his grandfather was the legendary Harry Caray of the Chicago Cubs.  I also got to chat with Fredi Gonzales, Braves manager, as well as Braves broadcaster and Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton, and his wonderful broadcast partner, the dry-humored Jim Powell, and was invited to join them in the booth for a couple of innings, which I did!  What a great day!  I was particularly impressed with the frantic and complex choreography that is a professional sports national TV broadcast.  Being able to be behind-the-scenes left me with a new appreciation of how much goes into it, and how on the ball (ha!) the whole broadcast team has to be to keep it all running smoothly and bring the game home to the fans.  And as a bonus, the Braves won!  (Sorry, Giants fans.)  Next morning, I flew to...

Las Vegas, just in time to make my gig out at beautiful Lake Las Vegas Montelago Village.  I play out there a lot and I always enjoy it.  The weather is perfect here right now, sunny and mid-70s, and during this lovely weather, we play on a large patio overlooking the lake and serenade the patrons as the sun sets.  It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it...

Melodiously Yours,

P.S.  Write if you get work!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wine, jazz, and quarterbacks

Hello Darlings!

What do the above 3 have in common?  Well, a lot of people (including yours truly) would happily combine wine and jazz.  But this weekend, in the affluent Dallas/Fort Worth suburb of Southlake, I'm going to toss a quarterback into the mix.  For those of you who didn't know, former Cowboys and Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe returned to his Washington state roots (literally) and started tending grapes. I'm playing an invite-only launch of his 'Doubleback' wine to the upscale Dallas market.  I've always enjoyed playing corporate events, and this exclusive wine launch/tasting promises to be a great one.  I will, of course, sample the vintage for quality control purposes.  I'm nothing if not responsible to my audience!



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stanwyck, cont.

Continuing my Barbara Stanwyck spree, I watched Ball of Fire (1941) tonight. For which she earned her second Oscar nomination. With Gary Cooper and Dana Andrews, and also featuring the Gene Krupa Orchestra (She's a nightclub singer). Released through RKO Radio Pictures.  Directed by Howard Hawks. Ms. Stanwyck's costumes by Edith Head.

I may need that red, sequined, balloon-sleeved, midriff-baring, car wash-skirted gown made for me at some point. Well, I mean, you never know.

I ADORE this Edith Head designed dress that she wears in the later scenes of the movie, where she is set to marry mobster Joe Lilac, played by Dana Andrews.

And here she is, still in her nightclub gig gown, trying to convince Gary et al to let her stay overnight.  Snow White and the 8 dwarves.  Gary's a bit tall for the comparison, I know.

 Current DVD cover

A still showing her performing Drum Boogie with Gene Krupa and his band.  I have read that her voice was overdubbed with Martha Tilton's.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Lady Eve

Enjoyed the screwball comedy The Lady Eve (Paramount, 1941) tonight. I am more and more a fan of Barbara Stanwyck these days. And it also featured one of my all-time favorite character actors, Eugene Pallette. P.S. DIVINE wardrobe by Edith Head.  The white gown and accessories (huge feather fan!), in the scene where she attends the party given by Henry Fonda's character's family, reduced me to blubber.