Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stanwyck, cont.

Continuing my Barbara Stanwyck spree, I watched Ball of Fire (1941) tonight. For which she earned her second Oscar nomination. With Gary Cooper and Dana Andrews, and also featuring the Gene Krupa Orchestra (She's a nightclub singer). Released through RKO Radio Pictures.  Directed by Howard Hawks. Ms. Stanwyck's costumes by Edith Head.

I may need that red, sequined, balloon-sleeved, midriff-baring, car wash-skirted gown made for me at some point. Well, I mean, you never know.

I ADORE this Edith Head designed dress that she wears in the later scenes of the movie, where she is set to marry mobster Joe Lilac, played by Dana Andrews.

And here she is, still in her nightclub gig gown, trying to convince Gary et al to let her stay overnight.  Snow White and the 8 dwarves.  Gary's a bit tall for the comparison, I know.

 Current DVD cover

A still showing her performing Drum Boogie with Gene Krupa and his band.  I have read that her voice was overdubbed with Martha Tilton's.

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