Friday, July 8, 2011

Like peas and carrots (or champagne and cake)

I can't think of too many things that go together better than jazz and fine liquor.  And as I enjoy being thrown into that mix (literally, even), it was a pleasure to play a Moët Champagne and Belvedere vodka sponsored event last night in my hometown of Las Vegas.  I was accompanied by the superb Charlie Shaffer on piano and Bob Sachs on upright bass, in a swanky, old-west style, "upscale tavern" that was accessible by guarded elevator only, which gave it a cool speakeasy feeling.  We had a ball.  The specialty Belvedere cocktails and  Moët & Chandon flowed, while canapes and custom-paired gourmet cupcakes were served.  I can neither confirm nor deny that the band was responsible for the disappearance of a few cupcakes.

Convivially yours,


  1. Love the cool speakeasy feel and all the detail Laura is there anything you can not do...I can see a book launch coming up in your horizon about that era. Your a natural wordsmith and I love the journey you take our imaginations on. Cotton Club or old tavern I am there in spirit. Hugs your biggest fan Julz

  2. Thanks, Julz! I have already decided on the title for my memoirs, "Waiting For The Advil To Kick In".