Sunday, September 11, 2011

Latest musical outings

Hello Darlings-

Wanted to report in on some of the fun I've been having lately.  Work has been nonstop the last two weeks!  And I'm not complaining, but I am looking forward to a spa day this week.  ;)  The very latest...

Thursday was a blast, doing the Suncoast Casino's Hit Parade production show.  This was another appearance where I buddied up with my dear friend and fellow performer, Art Vargas.  We were the featured act and hit 'em from all sides with duets, solos, and some fancy footwork.  Art is so fun to work with, it's like recess!

Friday I performed in The Fabulous 50s, a Boulder City Circle Production.  An ensemble company comprised of professionals and amateurs, we put on shows to benefit local charities.  They are always a ball and this was no exception.  Wonderful people - both cast and audience, and we always sell out!  Can't ask for more!

Saturday I did my monthly gig with the hard-swingin' Bruce Harper Big Band.  There is nothing like being backed by 16 pieces.  13 glorious horns and 3 banging rhythm.  Bandleader and drummer Bruce Harper puts together a great show each time and it is my pleasure to be able to sing with them.  Come out and see us at the E String Grill and Jazz Club on Sunset Road, every second saturday.

For more information on any of these shows, or on future ones, you can contact me here on my website,

Hope to see you soon, babycakeses!

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